About us


Christie grew up working with her father & step-mom in their “mom & pop” pizzeria in Florida when she went to visit during the summers & when she lived with them for a few years. She was taught at an early age what the words “hard work” meant. Her mother always taught her to be kind to people, be respectful and always count your blessings.


Christie went on to build a career in working in every restaurant position from making pizzas, washing dishes, serving & bartending to the ultimate role of restaurant owner.  In 2008 she had the opportunity to purchase Vito’s Pizzeria. Her husband had zero doubt that she would take this opportunity and turn it into her own. With a than 5 year old little girl and a baby on the way she was determined to do the best she could do for her and her family.


Christie has shown just what the words “hard work” means. She has taken the knowledge she has learnt from her family and applied it to her business. She thrives on being an amazing boss and holding her employees to their best standards, takes pride in a great product, has an environment in her restaurant that families want to come to, is involved in helping her community in many different ways and isn’t scared to roll up her sleeves and help even when dishes need to be washed. She is a wife, mother, aunt, sister, friend, boss, teammate and restaurant owner of one of Downriver Michigan’s staple restaurants Vito’s Pizzeria.